Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Busy busy little bee, is me!

My time this month has been about equally split between my boyfriend and schoolwork. So this is what you get to read about.

The relationship is going extremely well, especially as the first relationship I've had in which mutual intellectual interest in the other's field is part of the attraction. He's a successful electrical and computer engineer, and we have long, sensual conversations about neurological computation and computer protocols. Though, he thinks the next big breakthrough in neuroscience will be in computational simulations, whereas I feel it'll be with biological research. Anyone (read this?) have an opinion?

The schoolwork is also falling into place, finally after three and a half long years. All of the tests I've gotten returned so far have been A's -- Neural Basis of Cognition, Synaptic Transmission, Sensation and Perception. The other classes are history and anthropology (read: gen ed requirements) and while I love getting good grades, it wouldn't faze me to do less well in those. I'm extraordinarily happy because I'm not struggling for my grades, I'm not slaving over books all day and night. I'm doing well because the subject matter interests me. I read it, and I remember it, just like that. Because cognitive processes are much, much more fascinating than, say, plant metabolism or benzene activation. Imagine that.

Someday I will have to explain to a grad school why I got C's in intro biology and chem courses and A's in all my neuro courses... but that day is not today. Thankfully.

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  1. I hear that nowadays the GREs are weighted about as much as your GPA when most grad schools consider you for admission/funding. Have you gotten your three letters of recommendation together yet?