Saturday, December 15, 2007

If there were only women - why, they would be no obstacles at all!

I urgently need to share with the 0 viewers of this blog the feminist utopian novel Herland.

Originally published by Charlotte Gilman in 1915, and possessing a shocking insight - that women are people, capable of everything a man is capable of, and expressing the full range of human behavior when not constrained by the pressure to conform to mens' desires and demands.

On the down side, this is apparently only achieved when men have been eradicated from society for thousands of years.

To summarize, the story involves the accidental isolation of a society of women who develop parthenogenesis (the ability to give birth asexually), and a group of three men who hear about this fabled society and set out to see it for themselves with the expectations of, well, three men from the turn of the (20th) century who are going to be the only men in a country of women.

Which, as you'd imagine, is wildly-off base in a way that captures the attention. The actual all-women semi-survivalist society is not surprising: children are of singular importance, clothing and effects are meant to be practical and not frilly, the primary religion reveres Motherhood, sex is irrelevant.

It's fairly kickass.

Thanks to Thus Spake Zuska and the most recent edition of The Carnival of Feminists for this link.

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