Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Economist throws the New Atheists a Bone

There are now at least five times as many irreligious people in the US as there are Jews. However, the nonreligious political bloc has very little representation in the government. Why is this?
  1. We can't think of a catchy term for ourselves.
  2. Some of our objections to the federal government's endorsement of Christianity aren't "tactically wise".
  3. The majority of Americans hold prejudicial beliefs about atheists.

If you picked C, good job, you're more incisive and less biased than the writers for The Economist. Choice A sounds like something out of South Park (Allied Atheists' Alliance?). And B is just... stupid. That's like saying, "You know, the gay political agenda is great, except for that wanting to get married thing. If they didn't pursue that, I think that they'd be more successful politically." Just because you enjoy the privelage of the government supporting your way of doing things, doesn't mean that everyone else has to sit down and shut up for politeness' sake.
"An unbelieving president still seems an unlikely prospect. On the other hand, only 53% of Americans still say they would not vote for an otherwise well-qualified atheist."
Only 53% of American's wouldn't vote for an atheist, for no other reason than that person's an atheist. The majority of Americans still don't like us for no reason at all. Although, according to The Economist, it sounds like we should be happy about our progress. Maybe if we work real hard we'll be less-despised than the blacks! Yeah, and clearly the real problem here is that we don't have fancy enough hats, or whatever.

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