Saturday, December 15, 2007

Early Caturday Morning...

It's 4 AM on a Caturday, and it so happens that I have kitten pictures, and since this is the Interblag, I spose I'm obligated.

Meet Champagne Supernova (or Shammy, for short):

He's the adorable baby I adopted last summer. We found him through an ad in the Pennysaver; me and maybe four (college-student-age) friends went to this mini-shelter in a woman's basement to look at her cats, with hope but little intention of actually bringing home a baby. As soon as the lady opened the cage door, this little one ran out and sat on my feet, rubbing his head on my ankles and purring. He won.

Yes, that is my lap he's sitting in.

In the picture below, taken the week Shammy came home with me, the mouse is about the same size as in the picture above. Oosh my widdle puddum dere is all grown up! (When he starts bringing home the girls, we're going to embarass him with pictures like this.) (I'm mildly psychotic, I know. I love my cat. /shrug)

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