Monday, August 29, 2016

Florida Democratic Primary: Everyone Else

I did the US Senate race a while ago, and here's everyone else! (Why yes, I did put this off until the night before the election. How better to honor my academic history? ;)

Candidates are listed in ballot order, with lots of links provided so you can check things out and decide for yourself. Author endorsements marked with ⋆stars⋆ for your ease and convenience.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Florida Democratic Primary: Senate

I recently received my sample ballot for my state and local Democratic primary, which in Florida is being held on August 20. I'm doing some basic research into the candidates and offices, and figured I'd share my thoughts and research for the benefit of my fellow Floridians.

It will not surprise you to learn that my particular interests skew towards social justice issues, so my takes will examine these heavily, with a particular eye towards candidates' statements on police and criminal justice reform. Candidates will be listed in ballot order, with links to their official websites and wikipedia pages if available.

Today's set of candidates are running for Florida's seat in the US Senate, which is currently being held by Marco Rubio. Every district in Florida will be voting on this one, so this post should apply broadly.

Feel free to read on to get my take!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

I support the CBC

(Crossposted from Facebook with minor modifications.)
To quote from this Politico article: "In a letter sent to both the Sanders and Hillary Clinton campaigns, the CBC is expressing its resolute opposition to two key reforms demanded by Sanders in the run-up to the Democratic convention: abolishing the party’s superdelegate system and opening Democratic primaries up to independents and Republicans."
I support the Congressional Black Caucus. But also, I guess this is a good time to say that I also have my own reasons for liking closed primaries and superdelegates.
I like closed primaries because, look, I've been a Democrat my whole life. Even before I could register myself: when I was little my grampa took me into the voting booth with him to show me how to vote, and he lifted me up in his arms to flip the lever that voted for Dems across the board. Democrats saved his life in the 30s, with FDR's public works projects. Democrats continue saving lives today by passing healthcare bills and nondiscrimination acts.
I'm deeply invested in this party - invested in preserving the good in it, and invested in correcting the bad. And I feel like if folks want a say in how Democrats do, then they should put forth a little investment of their own. Party registration is not difficult for most, and for those who do find it difficult, there are lots of people who will help. (I am one of those people!)
There are two reasons I support superdelegates. One is simple, and I can sum it up in a single word: Trump. Ignorant, bigoted, blowhard populists like him would have a much harder time in a system with superdelegates.
The more complicated reason is this: the President has to work with Congress, right? They have to work *especially* closely with those Congresscritters from their own party, because (in theory, at least) they're all on the same team. Team Let's Get Our Party Platform Passed. Because of this, I think it's a good idea for the nomination process to involve some kind of approval from the folks they'll be working with.
Plus, y'know. McGovern
Anyway that was a lot of words, but I want to reiterate the thing I said at the very top: I support the Congressional Black Caucus. Even if none of these reasons had occurred to me, I would still support the Congressional Black Caucus.
*crosses fingers for good-faith discussion in comments*
*holds breath*
*clicks 'post'*

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

In the wake of the NV Democratic Convention...

I am deeply, deeply disappointed in the misinformation the Sanders' campaign is continuing to spread. For example:
I'm beyond words to describe my feelings towards Sanders' enabling silence regarding the abuse and harassment that his supporters are directing at NV Democrats. Despite the token chastisement offered by the spokesperson in the above video, Bernie Sanders himself has not spoken (or written) a word about this since before the NV convention, and has reportedly dodged questions on the topic. Unacceptable. 

It's no accident that the worst of the abuse is being directed towards women - Barbara Boxer and Roberta Lange in particular. This is the same pattern of behavior that the "Bernie Bros" have been up to for quite some time.

I have said that this is not my revolution, political or otherwise; this is what I meant. This isn't what my progressive movement looks like. And it shouldn't be yours, either.

If you support Bernie and you're thinking to yourself, "This doesn't represent me!": Good. It shouldn't. Now please do the work to correct these abusive harassers. Push back against what they're doing. Push Sanders to step up and condemn them. Don't argue with me about #notAllBernieSupporters. Go and collect your people so they stop this bullshit.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Clinton Fact Check: Huffpo's Ten Points

The inflammatory headline of the day comes from Seth Abramson over at the Huffington Post:

Headline: The Democrats Are Flawlessly Executing a 10-Point Plan to Lose the 2016 Presidential Election. Image: Hillary Clinton frowning while holding a microphone.

See, you might not initially think this is an attack piece on Clinton, but the frowny-faced image gives a hint of what's to come. The central claim, as you will soon see, is that if Democrats don't elect Bernie Sanders (who is popular and awesome) over Hillary Clinton (who is AN ACTUAL MONSTER), the party is dooomed and the Republicans will win the general.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Link Dump

I spend a lot of time looking stuff up on the internet. So here is some stuff I've learned recently:

  • I didn't know that, because of Obama, the DNC had a ban on accepting donations from lobbyists and PACs starting in 2008, which was just dropped in February of this year.

    Part of me is like PLEASE GIVE THE DEMOCRATS MONEY because I am currently living in a place where Republicans are making life miserable. Another part of me is like THIS IS PROBABLY NOT GOOD PRECEDENT. It's like drug companies funding drug trials, y'know? It's a red flag for corruption, but good science (policy/law) might very well be the result. And it's hard to know which is going to be which until the situation plays itself out.

  • All Class C senators are up for reelection this year. If you don't know if that means anything for your state, I invite you to check out the Wikipedia page and take a look at your own state. I also spent a while Googling stuff like "[my state] democratic senate primary" and "[my state] democratic house primary", and writing election dates in my calendar. I highly recommend Ballotpedia for more info on your state and local elections!

  • I learned a little bit about the general grammar/syntax of ASL! I understand that local grammars are likely to vary a lot and the thing to do is to actually pay attention to how folks around me are using language, but I found the refresher and guidelines helpful and interesting.

  • I also found this Facebook video which made me laugh, because IT TRUE.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Some things never change

At this point in 2008, Hillary Clinton was trailing by over a hundred pledged delegates, and people were calling for her to drop out of the race.

At this point in 2016, Hillary Clinton is leading by over two hundred pledged delegates. 

And guess what...

... yeah.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Please Stop

My response to the above obnoxious headline (from Feministing of all places!) is not so much a fact-check as it is an observation: that Clinton's support of Israel can be considered rightward of Trump's position only because Trump's statement on Israel-Palestine relations was a handwaving, posturing, ignorant non-statement which he's already fucking contradicted - which is well in accordance with his foreign policy positions in general. Saying Clinton is rightward of Trump means literally nothing when Trump's positions change day-to-day, especially since he knows fuck-all about foreign policy and is clearly making this shit up as he goes along.

On top of that, there is genuine reason to believe that a Donald Trump presidency would be uniquely dangerous for many people in the US and abroad. Headlines that draw equivalency between Clinton and Trump elide this very scary truth.

So if you give a shit about keeping Trump out of office, please stop making this inaccurate and harmful comparison. Stop signal-boosting posts that make this inaccurate and harmful comparison. I ask this in part because there are a whole lot of them...

a screenshot of a Google News search in which four separate articles make mention of Hillary being rightward in relation to Trump

...and in part because I am really, really scared of a Trump presidency.

Please. Stop.

Monday, March 21, 2016


From a Mental Floss article titled The Brains of Anxious People May Perceive the World Differently:
A new study shows that people with generalized anxiety disorder unconsciously label harmless things as threats, which may serve to further their anxiety.



Thursday, March 17, 2016

Clinton Fact Check: Taxes and Trump

The inflammatory headline of the day comes from the Washington Post:

"On taxes, Bernie Sanders makes Hillary Clinton look more like Donald Trump"

I know they wrote this bullshit headline in an attempt to get clicks, including angry clicks, including my angry clicks. So forgive me for playing into WaPo's hands. But the equivalency in this headline pisses me off enough, and gave enough people the wrong impression, that I felt like it could use a quick fact-check.

First, have yourself a look at the key graph from that very same article:

Chart labeled "Change in after-tax income, by candidate," displaying Tax Policy Center analyses for Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Cruz, and Rubio.

Things that immediately stand out about this graph:
  • Sanders' plan is indeed one hell of an outlier
  • All of the plans change very little about the bottom bracket, but each higher bracket involves a larger change, with the top 1% showing the largest changes in every single plan.
  • All of the red bars representing Republicans' plans are positive (i.e., tax cuts)
  • All of the blue bars representing Democrats' plans are negative (i.e., tax hikes)

Clinton's plan isn't even on the same side of the damn line as the Republican plans. So uh, that's a fairly major meaningful difference right there.

The top tax bracket displayed by itself. The difference between Clinton and Sanders is labeled "A" while the difference between Clinton and Trump is labeled "B".Another qualitative difference in Clinton's plan which is unique from both Sanders and the Republicans is that her bars aren't even visible until the top tax bracket. This means her plan involves little to no change for the vast majority of US households (if I'm reading the IRS website correctly, households making up to ~$230,000). In contrast, Trump's tax plan offers the largest tax cut across all four of these brackets.

However, since this is a fact-check, I must point out that the headline is technically correct in one sense (and in a way that the text returns to, over and over again). There is a larger difference in absolute value between Clinton's and Sanders' plans than there is between Clinton's and Trump's. In the example of the excerpted image on the right: A is greater than B.

This is actually true across all brackets. If you want to check for yourself, and don't happen to have a ruler handy, here's another version of the chart from above, with overlaid numbers this time:

Same chart as above, with numbers labeling the height of each bar. The difference in absolute value between Sanders and Clinton in each category is greater than the difference between Clinton and Trump.

Despite these differences holding up across the board, the headline is still misleading. Clinton's plan looks nothing like Trump's plan - or any other Republican's plan - even with Sanders' outlier as a comparison. A more accurate headline would read something like: "Sanders' tax hikes are steeper than Trump's cuts are deep." Because this difference has everything to do with Sanders' proposal to dramatically raise taxes, and nothing to do with Clinton. At all.

The top tax bracket displayed by itself. The difference between Clinton and Sanders is labeled "A". An identical length, also labeled "A", is placed such that it begins at the tip of Clinton's bar and stretches towards the tip of Cruz's bar, but it clearly falls short of this distance.I would also like to point out that there is one good reason the headline said "Trump" and not "the Republicans". In the tax bracket for the top 1%, there is one Republican who cuts taxes more severely than anyone else, and that's Ted Cruz.

His incredibly deep cut of 26%, combined with Clinton's 5% tax increase on that tippy-top bracket, give an absolute difference of 31%. This is larger than the absolute difference between Clinton and Sanders, as illustrated by the excerpted image on the right.

There's also lots of good reasons that the headline shouldn't have said "Trump" and not "the Republicans" (or like, a completely different rephrase). For one, the "greater absolute difference" thing applied just as well to Rubio! Uh, well, maybe that's a bad example. Farewell, Rubio. We knew you well and liked you not at all.

The headline also gives the appearance of supporting the false equivalency of "both parties are just as bad". In addition, people who only read the headline (so, like, most people - which the Washington Post KNOWS, because they published an article about this two friggin' years ago!) are likely to get the impression that Clinton's plan resembles Trump's. Or that Sanders is the only candidate whose plan is meaningfully different.

None of that is true. Clinton's plan is meaningfully different - both from the GOP plans which offer massive tax cuts to the rich, and from Sanders' plan which raises taxes on literally every bracket.